Domaine Saint-Sébaste

Rue Daniel-Dardel 11 – 2072 Saint Blaise

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The Domaine Saint-Sébaste was founded in 1954 by Jean-Claude Kuntzer and then taken over by his son, Jean-Pierre in 1992. In the same way, the third generation, Elodie, an oenologist engineer, and Ludovic, a mechanical engineer, are preparing to take over the domaine’s destiny to perpetuate it into the future.

The domaine stretches from the communes of Cortaillod to that of Le Landeron, running through those of Colombier, Hauterive, Saint-Blaise and Cressier on more than twenty plots of land. Without ceasing, it pursues its quest for the best, whether it be on an ecological level or in the care given to the maturing of its wines. Our pleasure is to create single grape variety wines, without any blending. Wines which, through their fruity characteristics, their elegance and their minerality, reveal the expression of the terroir of our vineyard.

Its main grape variety is Pinot Noir, followed by Chasselas and specialties, composed of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Gewürztraminer.

To delve even further, the Domaine has been certified DEMETER since 2015. Biodynamics excludes the use of synthetic products; no fertilizers, weed killers or pesticides are used in the vineyard. All the land work to reduce weeds is done mechanically or manually, involving more tending, time and effort to obtain the expected results. In the cellar, natural yeasts and indigenous bacteria age the wine, resulting in greater complexity and lower sulfite levels.


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